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8 lovely throwback photos of Queen Elizabeth II during her visit to Nigeria in 1956

Despite the importance attached to the person of Queen Elizabeth II, not many recognize her or know much about the activities she carried out while she was still the monarchical head of Nigeria.
Not only did the queen carry out ceremonial duties during her reign as head of state of the colonial Nigeria, she also was Queen of Nigeria from 1960-1963 when the country became a republic.
During her reign as head of state and Queen of Nigeria, she visited Nigeria twice. The first time was between January 28, to February 16, 1956. And the second time was when she needed to attend the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting held between December 3, to 6, 2003.
For old time’s sake and in order to keep our cherished memories for those coming behind, We have made a compilation of all the lovely throwback photos of Queen Elizabeth II during her first visit to Nigeria in 1956.
1. Queen Elizabeth II receiving flowers before going on to commission law courts

Olu Jibowu, 4, presenting flowers to Queen Elizabeth II of England in Lagos, 1956, who later commissioned law courts. pic.twitter.com/l1Jl6QPtEQ
— Facts About Africa (@OnlyAfricaFacts) August 2, 2015

2. Nigerian students meeting with the queen

1955 #Lagos #Nigeria
Queen Elizabeth meets #Nigerian students#NigerianNostalgia #vintage pic.twitter.com/UAiylMUh7J
— Nigerian Nostalgia (@NNPtweets) April 5, 2016

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3. Young Queen Elizabeth II was a celebrity

Photo: Children peering through an officer’s legs to catch a glimpse of Queen Elizabeth II of England who was in Lagos for a service in 1956 pic.twitter.com/zK6zf7dSaZ
— SeeMeSeeNigeria (@SeeMeSeeNigeria) February 22, 2017

4. The beautiful queen also entertained guests from Cameroons during her visit to Nigeria

Queen Elizabeth II greets Southern Cameroons Chiefs in Lagos during her royal tour of Nigeria in Feb 1956. #KmerHistory pic.twitter.com/4J7xIUSc2c
— Dibussi Tande (@dibussi) May 3, 2017

5. Ah! You must be thinking – the first coloured photo, and the soldiers looking like Aladdins.

Queen Elizabeth II inspects the Nigerian Army of the Royal West African Frontier Forces (Queen’s Regiment) during her visit to Nigeria, 1956. #HistoryVille pic.twitter.com/VEcmV4c022
— HistoryVille (@HistoryVille) November 24, 2018

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6. Queen Elizabeth II and her husband. They sure look good together

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip visit to Kaduna, Nigeria in 1956 pic.twitter.com/6yxjfUVWQw
— Arewa Cycle (@arewacycle) February 28, 2017

7. Love is grown on this soil.

Ahmadu Bello with the Queen of England, Elizabeth II, and Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, when they visited Kaduna, 1956. pic.twitter.com/9abJMSVzjL
— Arewa History (@ArewaHistory) January 29, 2017

8. Ah! Another coloured photo. It was not all black and white.

Queen Elizabeth II arrives Lord Lugard’s House, Kaduna (1956) pic.twitter.com/SmQNqrR7pB
— NIGERIA FACTS & HISTORY (@NigerianMuseum) November 14, 2018

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