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Comment on Chibok girls: Five years after by Emmanuel Chukwuma Umeh

Painfully is now five good years that these Chibok girls have been in the evil hands of political-terrorists, called “Boko-haram”.
The political trends on which these Chibok girls were kidnapped is not far from the reasons why they are not being released as initially promised during the President Buhari’s presidential campaign in 2014/2015.
It is clearly obvious that Buhari’s administration has failed to rescue the Chibok girls as part of their 2014/2015 presidential campaign promises to Nigerians if elected.
Like this write-up clearly recaptured, “the security of the citizens is the most important responsibility of the Government, and without it, there can be no peace, progress or development” indeed!
Current administration should therefore, humbly and honestly come out of their playing hide and seek games of blaming the past Government, and do the needful, especially in regards to the needs of All-inclusive Democratic Security and Economic on Democratic Transparency and Honesty, for the development/improvement of all the Nigerian citizens, irrespective of tribes and cultures!

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