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JD.com And Open Source Technology Development

 At a recent conference in Shanghai, Chinese company JD.com was awarded the prestigious Top End User Award, signifying the company’s commitment to using technology in ways that will not only benefit the company itself, but the world as well.
The award, given by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, recognizes a company for its unique ways in which it uses cloud native open source projects. In doing so, software stacks and related technologies are thus analyzed and then used in ways that many companies have never thought possible. As a result, customers can have a much better and efficient e-commerce experience, and the company using the technology can become more efficient, while also having data that is extremely accurate and reliable.
Currently running the largest Kubernetes cluster in the world, JD.com has demonstrated how companies can use data infrastructures in new and innovative ways. One of the first companies to shift to Kubernetes, Jingdong has since been able to forge partnerships with other companies, including CNCF, to create even stronger relationships with IT developers, users, and software companies. Because of this, open source development has started to become a much bigger aspect of many company’s IT plans.
Due to its commitment to innovation, Jingdong recently became a platinum end user member of CNCF, meaning the company now has a spot on the governance board. This will now allow Jingdong to have a say in the direction of future Foundation initiatives. As a result, increased efficiency, reduced costs, and higher levels of customer service will be on display in Jingdong and other companies in the years ahead.
By using Kubernetes clusters, Jingdong and other companies can now support even wider ranges of IT applications, as well as big data and Artificial Intelligence applications. With these expanded technological options, it will now be possible to reduce silos between DevOP teams and operations personnel. By making the process between these teams even more efficient, JD.com has been able to contribute significant code to many important corporate projects, including Prometheus and Vitess.
In working with these and other CNCF projects, Jingdong is now viewed as an industry leader in data architecture and development. Along with this, incorporating Vitess and other technology options into its corporate IT systems allows Jingdong to be much more flexible in its daily operations, as well as reduce operational and maintenance costs. With these increases in efficiency, Jingdong is now able to forge collaborations with other similar companies, resulting in industry benchmarks that are very reasonable and effective.
By choosing to take the lead in this innovative area of technology, Jingdong has positioned itself to be a world leader in cloud native technology in the years to come. Relying on a team of experienced and knowledgeable employees, it now looks forward to the future with great excitement. Currently involved with developing a variety of internal open source projects, Jingdong expects to see many more developments take place within this area of IT. As a result, customer service, sales, marketing, shipping, and many other areas crucial to the success of a business will continue to grow at a rapid pace.
Having been recognized as an industry leader in IT innovation, most business experts agree Jingdong is now positioned to take the lead in these and other related cloud native projects. Thus, it will be more important than ever for companies everywhere to closely follow Jingdong in the years ahead.The post JD.com And Open Source Technology Development appeared first on Within Nigeria.


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