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Media entrepreneur calls out BBNaija’s Tobi Bakre for concept theft, he replies

BBNaija’s Tobi Bakre is known by many to be a trendsetter fashion wise. Talk of acting, dance and music, the handsome guy ‘full ground’. One profession he is particularly good at is photography. Against this backdrop, a film director and media entrepreneur accused the reality star for stealing his photographic concept.
This accusation levied against Tobi was incited by a photo which he posted on his Instagram and Twitter pages. The very creative pictures showed the reality star dressed like a Yoruba chief. He was holding a horsetail and standing on a canoe which was balanced on the sea. In the background, a fishermen was throwing his net.
While this photo has earned Tobi the accolades of many, the film director whose name on Twitter is @DirectedbyDiji accused him of stealing that concept. According to Diji, his friends sent a mail to Tobi Bakre briefing him about this particular concept. However, the mail was supposedly ignored by the BBNaija star.
Tobi BakreUpon seeing a photo that seemed to have the nuances of his friend’s concept, @DirectedbyDiji drew the conclusion that Tobi had gone ahead to steal his friend’s creative idea and use it with another photographer.
This conclusion caused him to take to Twitter to share photos of the mail his friend had sent to Tobi and raise an accusation. See his tweet below:

~ A few weeks ago, my friends @ayofilmit @26Views & @shutterbouy shared a photoshoot concept with @tobibakre via email. He ignored the mail & used the concept with another photographer.
This is quite painful, knowing fully well Tobi is also a creative person. pic.twitter.com/k96GuRVGUQ
— dir D. (@DirectedByDiji) February 11, 2019

~ Man with no conscience! I wonder if people just do things without thinking or knowing the consequences of their action/s. How will you ( @tobibakre ) feel if you shared an idea with someone & this happened? I respect your hustle G but this is all wrong. Do better.
— dir D. (@DirectedByDiji) February 11, 2019

~ and no! They never asked him for money for the shoot – it was just an idea they needed to do & sponsor the shoot.
This is so unfair to the twins ( @ayofilmit & @shutterbouy ) and to @26Views ….
— dir D. (@DirectedByDiji) February 11, 2019

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